Big Beach


The Truck

Inside the truck, our head chef and founder, Jerry Lauther, whips out culinary masterpiece after culinary masterpiece, ranging from nachos to tacos and sliders to pinedogs.  Jerry chooses to leave his mark on these signature dishes by adding his take on them with a style inspired by traditional Hawaiian BBQ.


The meat is smoked in Kiawe and the fish is caught locally, offering you a genuine taste of the islands that’ll keep you coming back for more.  And, if you’re leaving the island - making you physically incapable of “coming back for more” - you can just take some of the truck’s tastes home with you by purchasing some (or all) of Big Beach BBQ’s sauces!


We look forward to cooking for you!

The "People"

Jerry, The Founder

Hey guys!  Firstly, I’d like to say thank you for checking out our page!  


Secondly, I’d like to share my experience with the food truck and the inspiration behind it.  This is an “About” page, after all.


I learned to cook at a young age with my sisters and family when helping around the kitchen.  My mom and sisters did most of the cooking, so I (feeling left out) would try to get in on the action - whether it was prepping, stirring, or grabbing ingredients.  Before I knew it I was starting to cook on my own, and getting good at it too.  It was here - in my family’s kitchen - where I started to learn, understand, and love cooking.  


After a little bit of growing up I decided to leave home.  I landed California where I met my wife - Linda - who told me she wanted to finish her education in Hawaii at the University of Manoa… Quick discussion and decision made... I was moving to Hawaii!


I moved to Oahu in 1989 with Linda then to Maui after she finished her education in 1992.  Here I got a managerial position with an international fitness organization.


I started working 12 hour shifts, which gave me barely any time for myself.  The time I did have - between 8pm to when I would go to sleep - I spent cooking.


Creating in the kitchen became my escape from the monotony.  The kitchen was where I was able to be myself and do/make what I wanted.  


Over time I realized that I didn’t need to be at my job - a desk job that demanded my entire day - so I began looking for opportunities that would allow me to earn a living in the kitchen.  


That’s when a family member pointed out a food vendor permit in Makena, and - without knowing how to run a food truck - I jumped on it.  I made that permit mine, bought the truck, and knew I was going to make it work.


After I bought the truck, my entire ohana stepped up and volunteered to help collaborate on the menu and business plan.  So, one night we all got together over a few beers and showcased a few sample dishes for the truck.  We decided on a simple menu featuring sliders, tacos, and nachos - with a strong emphasis on simple.  When planning on what dishes I'd like to serve, my approach was: present the best dishes I have to offer, rather than dilute the menu with many average choices - I'd prefer not to waste your taste bud's time. 


Our menu hasn’t changed much since that night, and everything else is history.


I can’t tell you how thankful I am to be pointed in the direction I’m headed.  I’m hyper-excited to keep doing what I love with the people I love, and I can’t wait to see what the future has planned for me.

Bully, The Shorty Bull / Good Boy

Bully Boi has been coming to work with his dad at Big Beach BBQ since he was 3 months old and hasn't missed a day since!  He's 4 years old now.  We quickly knew he was something special when he showed his intense love for people and children!  He cannot get enough bum bum ('okole) scratches...and trust me...he is not afraid to ask for them...  Just a few words below from Bully:


Sup braddahs! Come down to dakine truck to pet my ‘okole and eat ono grindz!!! 

Oh ya... and no forget fo trow my ball!









Makena Road.  On the right hand side of the road one minute before you get to Big Beach





Tel: (808) 214-8739